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Maximus Eco Pond Fountain Pumps 800

Maximus Eco Pond Fountain Pumps 800
The Maximus ECO 800 sets new standards for efficiency durability and performance.

The New Maximus ECO pumps deliver higher performance with a new advanced energy efficient motor and impellor system reducing running costs and the impact on the enviroment. This Pump is only 9 watts,

The robust construction of the motor and impellor is designed for the toughest of conditions. Its silent and powerful operation is ideal for running a filter system waterfall or fountain.

The Maximus ECO incorporates a wrap around filter cage which maximises the water flow without the need for a foam pre filter and virtually eliminating any maintenance.

High Performance , New Low Energy Motors, Designed For 24/7 Use, Advanced Wrap Around Filter Housing

Maximum Flow 800 litres per hour. Maximium Lift 1.2 Metres. Recomended for Fountains and Waterfeatures.

3 Year guarantee.

Fishmate Pond Fountain Pumps 700

Fishmate Pond Fountain Pumps 700
Ideal for fountains and water features it has low running costs, is pond life freindly and includes fountain set with 4 options.

Single control knob adjusts flow to fountain or water feature.Ceramic shaft bearing and superior rotor design for long service life. Fully encapsulated electric parts for safety. High efficient pump design ensures low running costs. Filter foam ensures minimum fountain maintenance.

3 Year Guarantee.
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Lotus Otter Pond Fountain Pumps 750

Lotus Otter Pond Fountain Pumps 750
The 750 model is the perfect choice to create a beautiful fountain or water ornamentl.

The introduction of the advanced design 'anti clog' filter cage greatly reduces the need to clean the pumps and because less of the solid materials pass through the pump it significantly extends the life of the motor.Proven reliability , innovative cage design filter housing, 10m cable , Easy grip carrying handle , Low maintenance, Complete with flow adjuster, riser and jets , 2 year guarantee.


POND  > POND SUPPLIES > POND PUMPS  >  Fountain Only Pump