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Pond Pumps from the top Manufacturers in Europe from Pond Pumps Online.

The pond pumps on this page represent value for money from Oase, Lotus , Oasis, Fishmate, Bermuda, Blagdon Interpet and Messner.There are 141 to chose from £17.75 to £3499.99 with more being added at the end of February.They are all at special discount prices including the BIGGY.
Fountain Only Pump
  Fountain Only Pump A selection of Fountain Only pumps.
Inpool Filter Pump
Inpool Filter Pump Inpool pumps with built in filter and ultra violet steraliser for the smaller pool.
Fountain Waterfall Pump
Fountain Waterfall Pump Waterfall fountain and water course pond pumps. these can be run with or wthout the fountain. All are solids handling.
Filter Waterfall Pump
Filter Waterfall Pump These pumps do not have a fountain attatchment but are ideal for filter and waterfall work. Most have the new synchronous motor and therefore are low wattage.
Over 9000 Litre Power Pump
Over 9000 Litre Power Pump The powerfull ones for people with bigger pools and koi keepers.
Amphibious Pump
Amphibious Pump Amphibious means that it will work submerged or on the side of the pond.
Pump Hose Fittings
Pump Hose Fittings Hose pipe in five sizes plus all the taps and fittings.
Pump Spares
Pump Spares Spare impellors and kits.